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About Our Owners
In 1958, Mr. Charles B. Fair, Jr. and Mrs. Georgie Fair started the company. They had five children. The girls helped mom with the office, and the boys helped their father. Facing difficult times and tragedies, the family was persistent in working things through. The children have continued the vision of their parents. As the family grew, so did the business. Today Danny Fair, the son, is the president.
Several grandchildren help to keep the business thriving. The foundation of taking care of the family business is their passion.
In Lake Montclair and on Fort Belvoir Army Facility, Mr. Charlie Fair began the recycling programs. This was the start of a bright future for what is today, Charlie & Son Trash and Recycling Service Inc. With the new generation comes the integrity and service that Charlie and Georgie started the business with.

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Never fails, we put the trash out early and the truck is a no show but if we put it out later in the morning we end up missing the truck. It would help if the driver on our route were more consistent in the schedule.
July 14, 2014 at 8:38am
Michael Z. ★★★☆☆
Thanks for your comment. We recommend the trash set out by 5am or safely the night before, some times heavy days do throw routes off schedule. Please touch base with our office staff so we can provide the service you expect. Thanks for your loyal business!!
July 14, 2014 at 10:28am
REPLY: Charlie and Son Trash Service

Great service! The guys that pick up my trash are always friendly. With reading the comment below about the recycling, they are a hauler not a recycling center, i'm sure they don't pile the trash at there place so i'm sure they dont take recycling there either, i think they have a free recycling drop off at the landfill well they have those recycle trailer things at least..
Guest78222 ★★★★★

I have had Charlie & Son since I moved to Dale City in July 2008. I have not had any problems with them. Honestly, they work on most holidays which I was very surprised of! Keep up the great work Charlie & Son! ~ Dale City
Guest38766 ★★★★☆

Friendly professional service, thanks for your effort to keep our neighborhood clean and safe. Great job collection guys.
Guest69848 ★★★★★

Charlie's service is excellent. They do a great job in my community and should be commended for their hard work!
Guest84885 ★★★★★

Charlie's people are our people FOREVER, they helped my dad with the can one day on our pick up when he was having troubles getting to the curb. This company is so GREAT! Friendly, reliable, caring company, words can not express our thanks enough for what they do.
Guest66420 ★★★★★

I have never had any issue with pick ups. When the weather did not permit pick up I appreciated this company not risking lives of their employees and the general public. The holiday schedule is minimal, well deserved and earned more than my days off. Great service and friendly people that do a great job. I highly recommend this company to friends and family.
Guest74832 ★★★★★

Charlie and Son is the best! Dependable, reliable, friendly & customer service at its best. A good service and a reasonable price. You do get what you pay for and they have been in business a long time because they are professional top notch company. I know they will do the job right! If you want a great trash servie, CALL Charlie and Son they are great company to do business with. When you call you talk to a real person thats a big plus. When they pick up my trash they leave my can where it is suppose to be. Thanks for the great service and keep up the great work......I am a customer for many years and it is service that can't be found anywhere else. Thanks again Charlie's.
Guest21683 ★★★★★